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ORIGIN - Traditional Chouchenn (Mead), a Journey to the Origins of Ancient Beverages

ORIGIN - Traditional Chouchenn (Mead), a Journey to the Origins of Ancient Beverages

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The ORIGIN Chouchenn... An enchanting invitation to travel through time, immersing yourself in the origins of the first alcoholic beverages created by mankind. A divine delight that evokes the nectars of the Gods. ORIGIN is an invaluable gift, a heritage to rediscover and cherish. This authentic creation is the result of artisanal production, where each step is executed with meticulousness and infinite passion.

Let yourself be intoxicated by its divine taste, savoring each sip like a precious treasure from the past. This artisanal beverage offers a unique tasting experience, showcasing the ancestral origins of mead and celebrating the rich Breton culture.

Product Information:

Type: Chouchenn (Mead)
Character: Semi-sweet
Volume: 0.50 L
Alcohol Content: 14% vol
Country of Production: France
Production Region: Brittany

Tasting Suggestions:

Enjoy ORIGIN chilled for a fully appreciated experience.

Immerse yourself in the essence of ORIGIN, a captivating reminiscence of history, tradition, and the revival of a precious beverage. Let the delicate flavors unfold and allow the vibrant spirit of Brittany to reveal itself with each sip. Savor the authenticity of a resurrected past and let yourself be transported into a timeless gustatory journey.

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