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Domaine du Cardona

MORETUM Aged in Oak Barrels - Medieval Monastic Beverage (Honeyed and Spiced Wine)

MORETUM Aged in Oak Barrels - Medieval Monastic Beverage (Honeyed and Spiced Wine)

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This medieval monastic beverage is contemporary with Hypocras. However, the monks did not have access to spices due to their social status and the fact that Hypocras was reputed to have aphrodisiac properties. They used the wine from their vineyards, the honey from their beehives, and red fruits such as blackberries or sloes for flavoring. Moretum is crafted from a selection of red wines from the Corbières terroir, aged in oak barrels in a natural cave. Its powerful aroma of aged wine is softened by the honey of the garrigue, and the reduction of wild blackberry juice evokes walks in a forest full of magic and mysteries. Moretum, presented in a black stoneware bottle, is an invitation to a fantastic journey.

Medieval wine made from red wine aged in oak barrels, flavored with a concentrate of wild blackberry juice, and sweetened with garrigue honey. Less known than Hypocras, Moretum was crafted by monks and served during major religious festivities and village fairs. Spices were prohibited for monks due to their social status, as they were associated with wealth and the capital sins that come with it. They were also banned because of their alleged aphrodisiac properties. This Moretum, thanks to its prolonged aging in barrels in natural caves, reveals the long-preserved or even forgotten monastic wines in the damp depths of monasteries. Tasting this Moretum means embarking on an initiatory journey between historical reality and fantastic imagination, in an atmosphere of undergrowth where one might come across a few elves...

This wine is carefully selected and made from a blend of century-old Carignan vines, Syrah, black Grenache, and Mourvèdre. The fermentation period lasts from 10 to 15 days. It is cultivated in the highly rocky clay-limestone terroir of the average Corbières region. It is aged for 3 to 5 years in oak barrels in a natural cave at a constant temperature of 16°C and 85% humidity. After aging, an artisanal concentrate of wild blackberry juice is cold macerated.

Product Information:

Type: Moretum (Hypocras - Honeyed and Spiced Wine)
Character: Sweet
Volume: 750 ml
Alcohol Content: 13.5% vol (13.5-14.5)
Country of Production: France
Production Region: Occitanie (South of France)

Tasting Suggestions:

The ideal serving temperature is between 8°C and 11°C. This sweet wine pairs well with aperitifs, cocktails with sparkling wines, game dishes in sauce (stews, grand veneur), strong cheeses, various desserts, and as an evening wine.
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