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Hypocras "Love Potion" Rosé - Medieval Spiced Wine

Hypocras "Love Potion" Rosé - Medieval Spiced Wine

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Hypocras "Love Potion" Rosé is the quintessential medieval beverage renowned for its aphrodisiac properties. Made from wine, ginger, rose, and wildflower honey, it was served at the end of grand banquets and used by knights as a potent tonic. Consumed like coffee today, Hypocras stimulated the senses, aided digestion, and was even reputed for its aphrodisiac virtues. This medieval elixir is carefully prepared, respecting historical authenticity by using the finest wines from the Corbières region, intensely aromatic garrigue honey, and a selection of oriental spices.

Prepared according to a 14th-century recipe, this flavored drink, based on rosé wine, spices, flowers, and garrigue honey, was enjoyed during grand occasions, banquets, and medieval festivities. In addition to its digestive and stimulating properties, Hypocras was renowned as a Love Potion, famous in Nordic literature. The use of precious and abundant spices added a unique flavor to the beverage and offered medicinal properties to alleviate various ailments and ignite passion.

This subtle and balanced transcription of Hypocras is expertly crafted to preserve the presence of a quality wine, which remains the foundation of this medieval elixir. Carefully selected, this wine is a blend of black Grenache and Syrah, cultivated in the terroir of the middle Corbières region, characterized by its rocky clay-limestone soil. After a process of maceration, drainage, pressing, fermentation, and 12 months of aging in vats, Hypocras is enhanced with fresh ginger maceration and natural rose aroma. This delicate drink offers an authentic, enchanting, and intoxicating taste experience that evokes ancient times and awakens the senses with its legend of love and passion.

Product Information:

Type: Hypocras (Spiced Wine)
Character: Sweet
Volume: 75 cl
Alcohol Content: 13.5% vol (13.5-14.5)
Country of Origin: France
Production Region: Occitanie (Southern France)

Tasting Suggestions:

Serve this chilled "Love Potion" Rosé Hypocras at a temperature of 4°C or even chilled, for a refreshing aperitif. It harmoniously accompanies cheeses, desserts, and can be enjoyed as an evening wine. Its semi-sweet character makes it an excellent choice for cocktails, chocolate desserts, fresh fruit salads, and is simply perfect for evening tasting moments.
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