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Sweet Garrigue Honey Mead - An Ancestral Recipe

Sweet Garrigue Honey Mead - An Ancestral Recipe

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Discover Sweet Garrigue Honey Mead, the very first fermented beverage of humanity dating back to the Neolithic period over 10,000 years ago. This ancestral recipe, inspired by the feasts of Greek, Roman, and Celtic gods, is now available for your delight. This mead is crafted with a meticulous selection of Garrigue honey, following ancient traditions. Bretons and Alsatians have played a vital role in preserving this beverage throughout the centuries by using their local honey.

The production of this mead relies on a simple yet demanding principle. High-quality spring water is combined with carefully chosen Garrigue honey and natural yeast. The slow fermentation extends over several weeks, ensuring a result of utmost quality. To perfect this mead, oenological techniques are employed to precisely measure the density of the honey and adjust the quantities according to its sweet and viscous characteristics. Some batches are even aged in terracotta jars, modern amphorae of 160 liters, adding an extra touch of authenticity.

This sweet mead offers a unique gustatory experience. Slightly sweet with a hint of acidity, it resembles sweet white wines without being syrupy. For its creation, local spring water sourced from "Mire Ciel" and exceptionally aromatic Garrigue honey are used. The fermentation of our mead is relatively long, lasting from 30 to 40 days, at a controlled temperature between 22°C and 24°C. Once the fermentation is halted through a physical process, meticulous filtration is conducted after several rackings to achieve an impeccable product.

Product Information:

Type: Hydromel
Character: Sweet
Volume: 750 ml
Alcohol Content: 12% vol (12.5-14)
Country of Production: France
Production Region: Occitanie (Southern France)

Tasting Suggestions:

Sweet Garrigue Honey Mead can be enjoyed in various ways. It is recommended to consume it well-chilled, either on the rocks or heated and flavored, and it is often used in cocktail preparations. It can also be used in cooking for deglazing and marinades, as it possesses tenderizing properties for meats. For serving, it is advised to enjoy it at a temperature of 2°C to 4°C or warm, without boiling, allowing it to thicken and become luscious. Mead can be appreciated from aperitif to dessert and as a digestif, and it is a prime culinary ingredient for deglazing and marinating, offering remarkable tenderness to marinated meats.

Try this micro-cuvée of sweet mead, aged in terracotta jars, for an even more refined experience. Savor the history in each sip and let yourself be enchanted by the unique flavor of this millennia-old beverage.
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