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Mead 21: Corsican Honey Symphony

Mead 21: Corsican Honey Symphony

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of this exceptional sweet mead. Each sip is a true gustatory journey, transporting you to the heart of Corsica's unique flavors. Let yourself be captivated by this subtle blend of floral notes and gentle honey nuances, the result of meticulous craftsmanship. Through meticulous fermentation of Corsican AOP (Protected Designation of Origin) honey and careful aging in chestnut barrels, this mead reveals authentic flavors. Its purity is preserved without clarification or filtration, offering a gustatory experience of unparalleled aromatic richness. The thermocell caps ensure optimal preservation of the delicate notes that characterize it.

Palates of flavor and fragrance enthusiasts of the Island of Beauty will be charmed by the gentle, slightly woody nuances of this exceptional mead. This millennia-old beverage, considered the oldest in the world, is renowned for its fortifying, invigorating, and rejuvenating virtues. Let yourself be enveloped by the harmony between nature, bees, and this revered elixir. Like an intimate co-creation, each sip of this unique mead transports you to a magical universe. Its deep and full-bodied hue, combined with delicate and complex tannins with finely roasted chestnut wood nuances, creates an unforgettable sensory experience. Derived from ivy, this mead reveals sweet flavors, making it an ideal choice for the most refined cocktails.

Discover mead from a new perspective and let yourself be captivated by this exceptional beverage that celebrates the harmony between humans, bees, and nature. Each sip is a celebration of flavors, a journey into history and traditions. Savor this elixir blessed by the gods, a symbol of timeless co-creation between humans and nature, and let yourself be carried away by its enchanting charm.

Product Information:

Type: Mead
Character: Very Sweet
Capacity: 0.50 L
Alcohol Content: 17% vol
Country of Production: France
Production Region: Corsica

Tasting Suggestions:

Enjoy it neat or use it as an ingredient in creative cocktails. Its unique taste will add a special touch to your favorite drinks.

Dive into the world of Mead 21 and discover the harmony between humans, bees, and nature in every sip.

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