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Old Dry Chouchenn - Fine Aged Breton Mead

Old Dry Chouchenn - Fine Aged Breton Mead

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This chouchenn cru is exceptional and stands out from the preconceived notions one may have about mead. The VIEUX SEC is fermented directly in barrels according to our recipes and aged in oak casks for long months, often a minimum of 24 months. This process allows its aromatic qualities to fully develop. The subtle flavors of honey persist, but in the finish, any trace of sweetness disappears. This cru surprises with its intensity and is aimed at the most discerning connoisseurs.

An extremely dry mead for the most demanding connoisseurs. This aged mead is the result of the diligent work of bees that have collected nectar from countless flowers, as well as the meticulous fermentation process orchestrated by our master meadmaker. Today, you have the opportunity to taste the oldest Celtic beverage. The high quality of this CHOUCHENN is the result of traditional craftsmanship, followed by slow maturation in oak barrels.

Mead from Brittany. Crafted from carefully selected honeys, then aged in oak barrels. Remarkably dry, it is suitable for discerning palates. Its dry and profound taste will delight enthusiasts of refined and delicate beverages.

Product Information:

Type: Chouchenn (Mead)
Character: Very Dry
Volume: 75 cl
Alcohol Content: 14% ABV
Country of Production: France
Region of Production: Brittany

Tasting Suggestions:

This chouchenn is best enjoyed well chilled.

It pairs harmoniously with shellfish, oysters, or can pleasantly surprise when paired with a very sweet dessert, such as the famous Kouign Amann.
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