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Chouchenn Ex-Rum Barrel – Limited Edition Breton Mead

Chouchenn Ex-Rum Barrel – Limited Edition Breton Mead

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Upon returning from distant voyages, these ships overflowing with barrels of Rum would depart laden with those same barrels, this time filled with Chouchenn, a local mead from our Breton lands.

Mead from Brittany, aged in oak barrels that once contained Rum, presents a daring fusion of two enchanting worlds. Chouchenn, a product of the fermentation of water and meticulously selected honeys, takes on a new dimension when aged in barrels previously filled with Rum. The smooth aromas of Rum harmoniously blend with the delicate nuances of the mead, creating a unique tasting experience.

Product Information:

Type: Mead (Chouchenn)
Character: Semi-Sweet
Volume: 0.50 L
Alcohol Content: 14% vol
Country of Production: France
Production Region: Brittany

Tasting Suggestions:

Chouchenn Ex-Rum Barrel offers a range of tasting possibilities. It can be enjoyed as it is to appreciate the subtlety of the marriage between the mead and Rum. Its semi-sweet character makes it a pleasant choice for an aperitif or as a post-meal drink.

For an even more exquisite experience, pair it with desserts with pronounced flavors such as dark chocolate cakes or caramel-based desserts. The sweet harmonies and rum notes complement each other splendidly, creating a delightful and harmonious combination.

Discover Chouchenn Ex-Rum Barrel and be captivated by its daring fusion of flavors. Immerse yourself in the history of ships returning laden with exotic treasures, bringing with them the essence of Brittany in every drop of this exceptional mead.

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